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Have you ever noticed that with each day the doctor’s note is becoming more and more of a requiremt with your employers and school teachers. Long ago where the old days where a simple hand writen note or a phone call would be more that enough proof that you are sick. Now the simple note is not enough anymore and its actually for several reasons actually. Though most of us are honest when we tell our teachers or employers that we are sick unfortunate some people see this as a ticket to a free day off. Especially since all it took was a simple hand writen note most of the time. Not just kids were doing this but adults were culprits of this as well. Back in my day it was common to see a kid forgeing a sick not to give to a teacher as well as an adult faking a sore throught so they could convince their boss to get the day off. Of course employers and teachers had began to catch on. The majority of us including myself have done this atleast once, and why not? It was a ticket to a free day without waiting for a scheduled off day for worker or a weekened for students. Its was easily and in our minds we were not hurting anyone at all. Eventually some have began to abuse the system to much and it was hurting both school and work. Missing too many days ofcourse has its consequences. This could even cause people to lose their jobs or if they are lucky, just to be demoted or suspended for a period of time. If you need a great doctor’s note, go over  to

Students were starting to fail due to missing to many days and they got in trouble as well since this is considered ditching. But the doctors not didn’t became a immediate requirement soon after. I remember back in school missing one day didn’t matter that much. Just turn in a note from your parents and it will all be fine, the same also meant for missing two days. Once you missed 3 days now things really began to matter. The school would not accept a parent note or a phone call anymore, they will now require you a doctor note, no if’s and’s or but’s. In some schools even the parents can get in trouble if they don’t provide a doctors note. When it comes to work it is different in certain fields but when I worked as a telemarketer the rule was somewhat similar. Of course you have your limit of sick days but during the first day a phone call is more than enough, during the second day however that’s when you need a doctor note or its hot water for you. No employer wants someone who isn’t there for no reason, you better have the flu or else you would still have to punch in. Now I hear that in some places, you miss one day and you need to turn in a doctor note. I feel that this will eventually become the norm unfortunately since someone will always try to take advantage of the system. Go here to learn more.

Commonly used doctor's notes

Commonly used doctor’s notes